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What a wonderful ride!

Thank you to all the folks in the 2014 Downbeat Critics Poll that voted me a "Rising Star!" I'm so honored to be recognized by this esteemed magazine and to be among some amazing peers there too!
DownBeat Rising Star

Thank you to the wonderful and thoughtful folks at Jazz Guitar Book vol 36 in Japan for the incredible feature on my work, including full transcriptions of several of my solos, in the April instalment. It's a beautiful publication and I’m proud to be a part of it:
Jazz Guitar Book Vol 36

And last, but certainly not least, I’m totally stoked about the August feature about “A Meeting Of Minds” in Guitar Player Magazine! I came up on this great publication, and to be featured always blows my mind. Thank you to the incredible guitarist and writer, Adam Levy for a fun and insightful article about the project!

“The album’s title is apt, though it could have been called “A Melding Of Minds” because the players (Bailey, Ian Froman on drums and organist Ron Oswanski) are so in synch that they seem to finish each other’s musical ideas at times. Though it was recorded in the studio, “Minds” has an undeniable live feel. The playing is bold and energetic, and each member of the trio spurs the other one on while keeping their own ears wide open.”
- Adam Levy, Guitar Player Magazine August 2014

AND: if you order “A Meeting Of Minds” Here. You will receive two free offers that you can only get here, EXCLUSIVELY: a bonus alternate take of “Cheap Jersey Gas,” AND a bonus video documentary on the making of the project, “Meeting The Minds” – it includes interviews with Ron and Ian and an unreleased take of “Good News.” You can’t get that anywhere else other than here!

Also, don’t forget the new Truefire projects:
NYC Jazz Guitar Summit
50 Essential Bebop Licks You Must Know (now available at Guitar Center too!)
And of course: Bebop Dojo – Essentials

So look for the Sheryl Bailey 3 in St. Louis in September, a new acoustic project from me and bass virtuoso, Harvie S, and touring with The Big Picture and Ancestral Groove this coming Fall……enjoying the ride as it continues forward!
Peace out:

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